Parent/Athlete Resources

2019-2020 Parent/Athlete Handbook

Please read through the handbook for all kinds of useful information about ski racing, our club policies, including:

Program Philosophy
Sportsmanship and Code of Conduct
Equipment guide
Types of races for different ages
Team travel policies/expectations

This document is updated annually.
Please let us know if there is additional information you think should be included in the handbook.

Useful links

US Ski and Snowboard Northern Division website
US Ski and Snowboard Western Region website
National US Ski and Snowboard site (including membership and race registration)


Concussion Baseline Testing (2019-2020)

FVSEF strongly recommends that all athletes age 12 and above, undergo a pre-injury “Baseline Assessment for Concussion” for use if a subsequent concussion injury is suspected. Baseline testing establishes the athlete’s status when normal, which helps determine whether cognition has been affected by a subsequent injury. The cognitive impairments that follow concussion are much easier to detect if the athlete’s post-concussion performance is compared to his/her own performance when normal i.e. at “Baseline”. Any decisions regarding the athlete’s return to participation will be determined by the results of ongoing test results compared to his/her baseline.

Baseline testing for FVSEF athletes can be arranged at the Summit Medical Fitness Center Kalispell

Baseline Concussion Testing @ the Summit Medical Fitness Center Kalispell

  • To be completed during pre-season annually
  • Athletes 13 and older complete the ImPACT cognitive functioning computerized test, plan for 40 minutes.  Cost of the test $20
  • Athletes 12 and younger complete a Biodex balance assessment, plan for 10 minutes.  Cost of the test $15
  • Call to schedule, April Terry @ the Summit (406) 751-4533 or email
  • In an event of a concussion, the Summit Concussion Clinic works directly with your physician/health care provider to aid with return to play and return to learn.

If you have any questions regarding Baseline testing, please contact Roy Loman at 802-236-1057.